Pulse Jet Bag Houses

Slideshow Image Script As the emission levels are getting stringent and the cost of energy getting costlier, KLEENAIR'S efficient design of BAGHOUSES offer several advantages to the customers.

  • Designed to meet your stringent emission level requirements-as low as 5 mg/Nm3.
  • Low pressure drop hence lower power consumption for exhauster.
  • Various designs of baghouse available to fit in given space.
  • Options of bag length and cartridges to suit head-room availability.
  • Variety of options on inlet designs to ensure smooth distribution/flow of dust in the baghouse and to handle high dust loads.
  • Available in side-access,top-access so also walk-in-plenum designs.
  • Efficient discharge mechanisms.
  • Low compressed air consumption.
  • Filter bags available to meet wide temperature needs upto 285 deg.

  • Cylindrical.
  • Square.
  • Rectangular.
  • Modular.
  • Bin-mounted.
  • Cartridge type units.
  • Unit dust collectors.
  • Accessories and necessities for a Baghouse.
  • Filter Bags

Plants: image 2 0f 4 thumb Cylindrical Units
  • Recommended for products which are light and fluffy,have bridging tendancy or high dust loads or for pneumatic conveying applications.
  • Filtration Area: 4 m2 upto 350 m2.Available in various model.
  • Inlet Configurations: Standard Hopper inlets,Top tangential,Hopper tangential.
  • Pressure withstand : standard (-)500 mm WC ,maximum upto 2 kg/cm2(for specific sizes)

Square Units
  • Most commonly used type of baghouse as it provides optimisation of price with performance.Recommended for free flowing products,low-medium dust loads.
  • Filtration Area : 4 m2 upto 525 m2. Available in various models.
  • Inlet Configurations: Standard hopper inlets,Housing inlets,
  • Pressure withstand: std(-)500 mm WC .

Rectangular Units
  • Another commonly used type of baghouse which provides optimisation of price with performance.Recommended for free flowing products,low-medium dust loads Filtration Area : 3 m2 upto 525 m2.Available in various models.
  • Inlet Configuration:Standard hopper inlets,Housing inlets,Extended hopper inlets.
  • Pressure withstand : std (–) 500 mm WC.

Slideshow Image Script Bin-mounted Units

Used for venting the silos,bins and in pneumatic conveying applications.
  • Filtration Area: 3 m2 upto 130 m2.Available in various models
  • Available in cylindrical,square,rectangular configurations.
  • Pressure With stand : std(-)500 mm maximum upto 2 kg/cm2.

Modular Units

Primarily used for systems which involves high Air volumes and where off-line cleaning is necessity.These units are made by combining either square or rectangular baghouses .Each of these baghouses acts as a compartment with no of such baghouses being arranged in single or double rows.Special care is taken to ensure uniform velocities in inlet plenums and to allow smooth passage of gases into the baghouses.
  • Filtration Area: 300 m2 upto 6000 m2.Available in various configurations.
  • Inlets configurations to suit wide range of applications.
  • Options of walk in plenums.
  • Facility to make units in panel construction to save on freight,site activity and erction costs.

Cartridge Type Bagfilters

Primarily used where there is shortage of space and head-rooms and where dust loads are minimum and dusts are free flowing.Considerably minimises the headroom compared to baghouses having conventional filter bags.

Filtration Area: 3 m2 upto 400 m2.Various models available.
  • Available in square, rectangular, cylindrical as well as bin-mounted configuration.
  • Wide options of inlet/hopper designs for better flow distribution and dust settlement.