Storage Weighing & Batching

Storage systems are designed to maximize the space and utility with efficient silo discharge devices and dust control. Weighing & Batching include precision load cell based systems integrated with automatic valves and PLC.

The combination gives precise weighing , metering & dosing of products to the downstream processes for consistent batch quality . Many Powder Handling systems require weighing of large amounts of material & the preparation of product batches for ingredient formulations. Typical applications are for food mixes, breakfast cereals , pharmaceuticals and many others. Custom-engineered systems increase output and product consistency, eliminates waste and generate production data.

The Weighing & Batching Systems provided by us are widely used for weigh measurement of various material irrespective of any size and count. This range of system can be upgraded as per customers requirement.

They can also upgrade the levels of automation, data capture and automatic feedback based process of the systems High accuracy load – cells and weigh controls electronics Gain in weight and loss in weight and continuous weighing systems Major, Minor and Micro ingredient dosing systems Safe, Sanitary and dust free system

The Control and recipe management done by using SCADA / HMI Software for process visualization , inventory control & reporting functions for management information system.

These mixers are also used as coolers/heaters for powders by providing external jackets and by circulating water thru the shaft & paddles.

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