Pneumatic Conveying:

Our vision is to take advantage of obviously valuable information technology in offering world class quality and services to our clients.
Our aim is to reach beyond our client satisfaction. Our Pneumatic Conveying Systems are :
  • Economical to install & operate.
  • Ensures contamination free transfer of material
  • No spillage / wastage involve
  • Minimum maintenance ,
  • Dust-Free Operation
  • Closed System Material Transfer.
  • Gentle to the Material
  • Dust-Free Operation
  • User Friendly & Simple Installation & Control

Broad Classification of Pneumatic Conveying System

Dilute Pressure <1 kg/cm2(10000 mm WC > Dense Pressure
Dilute <15-20 kg Material / kg of Air > Dense
Dilute Vacuum <300 mm Hg > Dense Vacuum
Dense <18 mtr/sec air Velocity > Dilute
Dense < Product Velocity > Dilute
Dilute: Product Velocity = air Velocity
To ensure reliable handling and processing of bulk materials, equipment and system, designs must be based on relevant material characteristics measured at representative process conditions. In our fully equipped Testing facility , we continuously conduct bulk material flow & particle properties test , pneumatic conveying tests & blending & mixing of a new Application & a new Product. We prove our capability and win the confidence of our customer.