Dense phase vacuum conveying :

Dense phase conveying is particularly recommendable for light materials or very abrasive materials .

This system generally operates on a batch basis with the process as above. Valves and sensors are used throughout the system to control the power of the vacuum as well as the material’s fluidisation settings and velocities along of the system to ensure an efficient conveying process.

A clear advantage is that high product flows can be achieved with a minimum air load, respectively with minimized energy consumption.

When it comes to segregation free conveying of mixtures with raw materials of a wide spectrum of particle density and sizes it is almost mandatory to go for a dense phase vacuum system if a batch cannot be remixed before packaging.

  • A low to medium conveying rates and distances
  • Better assurance of the quality of the material throughout the process.
  • The ability to transport material from many locations to a single destination.
  • A reduction of dust hazards in the unlikely event of a leak.
  • A method utilised in systems which involve fragile materials that require minimal degradation, and those requiring low transportation velocity.
  • Ideal for gentle conveying of fragile, agglomerated and abrasive materials.

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