Dilute Phase Pressure Conveying Systems

Dilute Phase Pressure Conveying Systems generally use  Roots  blowers providing air  to convey materials through a pipeline to the destination where the air and product are separated by a filter or other system. 

The process of conveying is as follows:

1. A blower at the system’s beginning starts to supply a large volume of low-pressure air into the system.

2. The material is fed into the conveying line through a feeding device, such as a venturi or a rotary airlock valve.

3. The material is then entrained by the airstream and moves along in suspension along the line at velocity. Speed depends on the size and density of the material’s particles

4. A filter at the end of the line then separates the air from the material.

This system operates in a continuous manner, where the material is constantly supplied at the beginning and delivered to its destination without any pause. Being easier to operate and requiring very little head room, this system is possibly the most cost efficient process used in pneumatic conveying systems.

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  • The ability to convey materials from single or multiple source to multiple destinations.
  • Suitable for non- or mildly abrasive products
  • Low pressure / high conveying velocity
  • Conveying velocity 15-30 mtr/sec
  • Conveying pressure up to 1 Bar
  • Relatively low installation costs

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