Kleenair has successfully handled challenge of hot gases coming from 4th hole of EAF @900 deg temp having high quantity of slag as well as dust .Presence of CO in the hot flue gases makes job more complex.

Complete gas cleaning plant is offered on turn-key basis involving:
  • Tube cooler
  • Combustion chamber
  • Water cooled ducts.
  • Air-to-air heat exchanger
  • Off-line pulse jet bag-house with bag cleaning system & online emission monitoring system
  • ID Fans
  • Dust handling and storage system
  • Complete Motor Control centre with wiring & cabling.

The emission levels up-to 10 mg/nm3 can be guaranteed and the system is programmed to save power.
The entire plant is designed to achieve emission levels and low pressure for long period of time. The cost of operation is bare minimum subject to routine check-up & preventive maintainance.

The GCPs are supplied up-to 50 Ton capacity EAF & LRF are supplied in India as well as Abroad.

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