Kleenair is a leader in supply of gas cleaning plants with more than 50 installations all across India as well as Abroad ,on open and close type of submerged arc furnace for silico-manganese, ferro-manganese , ferro-silicon furnaces of capacity varying from 4 mVA to 45 mVA.

The ambient air ,sucked thru gap provided, cools gases & burn CO evolved in process. The fumes/gases comes @ 250-450 deg which are cooled in air-to-air heat exchanger/trombone cooler to a temperature of 130 deg-230 deg .

The difficult to separate & extremely fine and sometimes low density dust is filtered in Off-lined pulse jet bag-house to achieve emission levels up-to 10 mg/Nm3.

The high efficiency centrifugal fans installed after bag-houses sucks right amount of air thru furnace gaps ,to ensure that furnace levels are free from fugitive emissions.
A specialized conveying system, for fine & sticky dust, ensure that the removed dust from filter is conveyed to storage silo and then moisturized in ash-conditioner to discharge into the truck.
Complete set of measuring as well as control Instrumentation is provided along with PLC & MCC to ensure trouble-free operation of plant and also achieve power saving. Kleenair’s optimized GCP ensure continuous furnace operation and prevent shut-down due to GCP failure.

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