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The efficient capture of fumes along with submicron dust produced during operation of the EAF & near-by LRF improves EAF/LRF work zone environment and also reduce problems of early failure of electrical items due to dust.

The air volume are calculated by scientific methods followed by analysing the plume profile based The effect of cross wind currents in the shed is also taken in consideration.

For efficient fumes capture , a canopy on top of the shed(above crane area)or DOG HOUSE designs are adopted considering the stability of structural members .For weak structures , specialised clustered hoods can be provided for quick evacuation of generated fumes.

For collection of these submicron fumes, special design of bag-house is provided to achieve up to 10 mg/Nm3 of emission levels. The extremely fine dust captured in bag-house is removed either pneumatically or mechanical handling system.

The fume extraction system is programmed thru PLC operation to ensure that optimum power is consumed for the fume extraction system.

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